Adopting an Acceptable Use Policy:

Tips for drafting an acceptable use policy for remote workers using work-issued equipment at home. Link provided by

CONRIC PR & Marketing:

In an effort to keep the business community strong and thriving, CONRIC PR & Marketing is offering free marketing and remote office setup consultations for businesses and nonprofits through May 1, 2020, as time permits. To maintain the health of clients and staff, consultations are being conducted by phone or video conferencing.

Coronavirus Hacking Trends:

Fear for Sale: Hackers Using Coronavirus Fears to Spread Malware Forward this to your remote workforce to keep them prepared for this disturbing trend. Link provided by

Emergency Remote Work Checklist:

Stickboy provided this link.

Keep Data Safe with a Remote Workforce:

Pro-tips on keeping protecting your network safe while your employees are working remotely. Link provided by

Productivity Tips for Remote Meetings:

Stickboy provided this link.

Remote Collaboration Tools:

Stickboy provided this link.

Remote Workforce Checklist:

An easy to use checklist to help you make sure your teams are connected, working efficiently, have the tools they need, and are maintaining your network’s security. Provided by

Remote Workforce Using Personal Devices: Myth vs Reality:

Understanding the risks of allowing your remote workforce to use personal devices, and how to protect your network from them. Provided by

Small Business Cyber Security Education:

An easy to use resource to teach your employees cybersecurity essentials Link provided by


Call Stickboy for a friendly consultation. All new business clients will receive 50% off their setup of remote work configurations. Please call the Stickboy team today at 239-206-1193 to get the help you need.

Stickboy's "Survivor's Guide to Remote Collaboration":

Stickboy has compiled a free list of web-based collaboration tools that will keep your team communicating and your business running like a well-oiled machine! They are also offering 50% off all remote work setups and services to support local businesses through these trying times.

Stickboy's Guide to Businesses Shifting to Remote Work:

Stickboy provided this link.

TeamLogic IT:

has compiled and/or created Work from Home and BYOD documents and resources related to transitioning to working remotely that can be shared. They also have various solutions and means to providing secure remote access to businesses based on their specific situation along with tools to help you monitor employee productivity if needed. Additionally, they can turn up the volume regarding cybersecurity, data backup, data/voice/connectivity, and other advanced IT support services. Local organizations can call them for anything technology related that they may need to help their business adjust.

Telecommuting Policy & Procedure Template:

Here is a template for use with your employees if telecommuting is new for your team.